Why Ecotec?

Ecotec is a Polish-German independent solar PV mounting company, with a proven track record in delivering top-level projects for customers across all business sectors.
With our long experience and know-how in all aspects of PV technologies – from planning, logistics to installing – we offer a complete, hassle-free service. Whether you want to lower operational cost of energy, meet carbon reduction targets or protect against price increases and protect environment, we’ll design for you and deliver the best possible solution.
Give us a chance, and we will advise you on the most suitable system for your project at every stage. Our expert engineering team have a wealth of relevant experience in the construction and renewable technology industries that covers all aspects of the solar energy sector. We work with leading suppliers and use top-quality materials at competitive prices, helping you maximize the value of your project.

We have been installing Solar PV systems across Europe and beyond for almost 10 years. The knowledge we have gained during that time, along with the strong relationships we have built with solar technology producers, suppliers and our partners, makes it no surprise that our business is experiencing a rapid and continuous growth  thanks to a growing number of satisfied customers. 
It’s not just our experience that distinguishes us – it’s the responsibility to our stakeholders that we are most proud of. We recognize our responsibility to do business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment for future generations. It involves every sphere of our operations and requires that we pursue to improve our policies and actions continually, measuring ourselves by the best standards, practice and innovation in our industry.
We are passionate about innovation, quality and customer service. Together with our clients, our people, and our partners we want to make a noticeable difference in providing the world with clean and renewable energy through widespread adaptation of solar power. We are here out of a genuine desire to transform the world – not just make a quick profit. 
Clean solar energy
We offer a high-quality service and are committed to making solar energy work for you – from the no-obligation site survey through to installation and beyond, we take care of it all.
We understand the diverse and complex nature of PV solar installation projects. Whether it’s developing design solutions for rare roof structures, dealing with problematic engineering matters or helping you settle planning and logistics issues, we have the experience and skills your project needs.
We don’t just engineer and install the PV solar technology for the here and now. Solar energy plants we provide will power your property for twenty years or more without any output losses. To guarantee such economical work of the solar plants, it is necessary to maintain and to service the whole PV solar system. Indispensable if you want a guaranteed profitability of a photovoltaic plant in the long run. We offer this service separately or in connection with the building of an entire plant.