What we do?

At Ecotec we are passionate about renewable energy and the state of our environment. We are convinced that renewable energy and energy efficiency have a huge role to play in helping the world reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. As the sun is the incredible source of energy, our mission is to increase the adoption of solar power and allow otherwise useless surfaces to be used to harness the energy of the sun and convert it directly into electricity  without any noise or carbon emissions. Our commitment to making solar accessible is abiding and inexhaustible, and our firmly settled business is growing steadily. We feel that the world has some enormous challenges ahead of it - from climate change to the resource exhaustion, and the potential economic problems that will follow. With solar energy, solar farms and parks, people take the course to be independent of raw materials. The use of solar energy is reinforcing the independence of the scarcity of fossil materials and price decrease. Therefore, as a company that is founded on environmental objectives we consider solar farms as an ecological and economical must. We expect solar technology to be mounted on the roofs of residential homes, public places and businesses, supported by solar farms delivering clean power and producing deep cuts in CO2 emissions. Thus, we strongly believe that investment in solar energy is a relevant and proper decision.

So what exactly do we do?

Projects: We co-operate directly with our customers to plan, develop, design and install residential, commercial, industrial, public and utility-scale PV solar plants. Our experienced installing teams are at your disposal in ground erection, coordination and logistics as well as complete  mounting,
Maintenance and service: Indispensable if you want a guaranteed profitability of a photovoltaic plant in the long run. We offer this service separately or in connection with the building of an entire plant. Everything from one hand: Planning – Installing – Repairing -  Deconstruction - Disposal.
All of our clients take advantage of our experience in terms of engineering quality, the most modern PV technologies, the international logistics competency and the quality management.