About us

Ecotec is  a Polish-German solar energy company offering a full range of competitive services for our customers. As a worldwide acting company, Ecotec has established a proven and exceptional track record in the design, installation and handling of solar farm projects across Europe. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most competitively priced, highest quality, on-time solar technology and services that will meet or surpass the customer’s needs.
All of our clients benefit from our experience in terms of engineering, quality, detail oriented services and pure commitment to solar. We were born with a simple idea:  to let our customers know they are in very good hands and help them participate in profitable green energy generation with our unrivalled solar power services.

Established in 2009, we have been part of the evolution that has made solar systems the attractive investment it is today. We have grown to become today exceptional specialists in solar photovoltaics (known as ‘solar PV’) and the installation of solar electrical systems. We have built a strong reputation for delivering a high quality service to commercial and public sectors as well as business and residential customers, having successfully completed hundreds of solar projects across Poland, Germany and UK.

Solar energy is not just our business, it’s our mission. We address the energy needs of each and every one of our customers - delivering the highest degree of professionalism to every project, through an experienced and proficient team. With an emphasis on quality design and engineering, a sincere and no-pressure approach to sales, we've succeeded to establish a business which is growing steadily worldwide.
Since 2009 we work integrated and were able to enhance our competitiveness. Especially the previous activities of the shareholders in the field of the installation of photovoltaic-plants proved to be very lucrative for our customers when the activities were combined with the most modern PV technologies, the international logistics competency and the quality management !