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About us

Ecotec was established in 2009 . The main area of activity of the company is to perform all kinds of work related to steel constructions along with the design and installation of noise barriers for the needs of road infrastructure, railway infrastructure and industry. We offer our services for both institutional and domestic customers as well as foreign investors.

Many of our projects are directly related to the industry, road and railway construction. We have experience in the implementation of public infrastructure investments co-financed by European Union funds.

In the construction of the acoustic barriers we offer:

  • Acoustic analysis for design purposes,
  • Construction projects on the basis of the Impact Reports on Environment,
  • Complete project documentation in the system of “design and build”,
  • Regulations and technical specifications preparation.

The ability to design and develop the technical documentation refers to all stages of construction, from the development and participation in the research and development work, through the tender, tender specifications, technical and economic assumptions, ending with technical projects and working documentation.

In the design and development of technical documentation, Ecotec uses modern design methods and professional computer solutions with a global reputation. Acting alone and in collaboration with top German companies we have finished successful technology projects, technical documentation and construction works for both institutional and private investors.

Providing the above-described activities is possible primarily thanks to our highly qualified technicians with experience in the design and implementation process. Supported by a team of skilled designers foremen expertise is an asset of the company leading to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our business.