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System installation

Ecotec System is assembled on foundation layer made of natural or recycled material (i.e. concrete aggregate) of grain size 0-32 mm that has been mechanically compacted.

Steel support construction.
Steel construction consists of frames in the form of the letter “A” with built in thick-walled pipes and welded flat bars stiffening the construction. All steel components are made of fully hot-dip galvanized high-quality steel and are compliant with the standard PN-EN ISO 2178: 1998 reaching surface thickness of up to 300 µm. All elements are made manually and individually adopted to each project. Possible barrier height is between 0,15 and 10 m. Due to complete galvanization of the construction and an average annual loss of zinc equal to about 1 µm system can easily last up to 80 years.

As filling material we can simply use soil from excavations but also concrete or brick rubble of grain size 0-60 mm can be used as a material.The majority of competitive barriers systems provide 5 to 15 years of guarantee for filling. Due to the constant characteristics of our filling material, acoustic effectiveness of the Ecotec System is not limited by time.

The aim of planting is to receive a fully covered construction in the shortest possible period of time. Usually the barrier is fully covered by plants after 3 to 5 years.