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Advantages of Ecotec System

  • No deep foundations - time and technical expenses saving
  • The possibility of building in almost every ground conditions, also on muds and with high groundwater level
  • The possibility of crossing with underground installations while the whole construction is over the ground
  • A completely galvanized construction, assembled without screw and bolt joints in order to lower the risk of surface damaging so there is no risk of corrosion
  • The possibility of installing lightweight sections which can be disassembled in order to access manholes; all construction elements are installed over the ground, immediate inspection is possible, as well as exchange of any mechanically damaged parts
  • An average zinc layer of 160 µm, with average annual loss of zinc at the value of 1-2 µm guarantees up to 80 years of durability without loss of static characteristics
  • Ecotec System creates a uniform mono-block barrier without any gaps or joints that perfectly stops the sound from getting to the other side
  • The possibility of immediate reaction to changes of the designed barrier location in relation to the project, even during the construction stage. Therefore, it can be necessary to change the course of sub-construction or its height
  • Depending of the barrier height, very short assembly periods from 20 - 70 m per day with 4 workers
  • Drainage pipes can be conducted through the construction with low technical expenses and in a short period of time
  • Optimum growth conditions for plants thanks to high volume of soil in the system, therefore, the barrier does not heat up and remains cold also in summer. During dry periods, filling serves as a reservoir of water for rootlets. A coconut mat used on the outer surface is perfect for climbing plants
  • Vandalism is basically excluded as nobody will cover plants with graffiti. Dirt on coconut mats is quickly covered with plants
  • Garden service for 24 months consist of exchange of plants which have not grown and removing weeds
  • It is not possible to get to the top of a barrier without using any tools - safe for children
  • The highest approval of residents, as the Ecotec System is not perceived as a technical construction, but as a part of a natural landscape as soon as it has been fully covered with plants
  • A perfect relation of price/quality/effectiveness:
    • Sound insulation: 42 dB;
    • Durability up to 80 years;
    • Guarantee period up to 40 years for statics and steel construction;
    • Lifetime guarantee of acoustic effectiveness, as the filling does not lose its volume and does not change its characteristics;
    • Almost maintenance-free - extensive planting provides constant covering along with no need of removing dirt either graffiti;
    • An excessive ground from the construction site does not have to be transported as long as it can be used for filling barriers - 1 m² of a barrier requires about 1 m³ of soil for filling;
  • Ecotec System is approved by Deutsche Bahn, RENFE/Spain and SNCF/France.