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Ecotec barriers system

Ecotec System - special elements:

Emergency exits
Exit doors of various sizes, made of different materials in various colors.

Drainage/Passage for small animals
Drainage pipes with any section or passage for small animals, can be integrated with the system and do not require leaving gaps between the system and the foundation.

Superstructure over installations
Mobile elements are mounted over underground installations, which can be disassembled with a help of a crane within a short period of time.

Connections and combinations
Connections and combinations e.g., with gabions, concrete, wood or aluminum are easy to assemble.
Transparent elements up to 5m width can be integrated without any need of conducting deep foundation works.


ECOTEC System is assembled on regular support surface that is mechanically thickened.

Steel support construction.
Steel construction is composed of profiles in the form of the letter “A”, built in thick-walled pipes and welded flat bars stiffening Construction.All steel components composing of high-quality steel are fully hot dip galvanized and are compliant with the standard PN-EN ISO 2178: 1998 reach surface thickness of up to 300 µm.All elements are made manually and individually adopted to each project. Building possibilities from 15 cm to 10 m. Due to complete galvanization of the construction and an average annual loss of zinc equal to about 1 µm, system life is easily up to 80 years.

As filling material we can simply use Soil from excavations, but also concrete or brick rubble can be used as a material.
The majority of competitive screen systems provides 5 to 15 years of guarantee for filling. Due to the stability properties of our filling material, acoustic effectiveness of the Ecotec System is not limited by time.

The aim of planting is to receive a fully covered construction in the shortest possible period of time.
Usually the screens are fully covered after 3 to 5 years.

  • No deep foundations, saving of time and technical efforts;
  • The possibility of building on each foundation, also on muds and at low level of underground water;
  • The possibility of superstructure, crossing with underground installations;
  • A completely galvanized insert system, with no bolted joints, so no corner points exposed for corrosion;
  • The possibility of applying elements, which can be disassembled, in order to obtain control points, all support elements of the construction are mounted over the ground, thanks to which, immediate inspection is possible, as well as exchange of any mechanical damage;
  • An average zinc layer of 160 µm, with average annual loss of zinc at the value of 1-2 µm provided of up to 80 years of life, without losing its static properties;
  •  Ecotec System is placed together as a mono-block on its whole length and height, it has no gaps, distances or joints, so noise cannot get through to the other side;
  • The possibility of immediate reaction to changes of a screen location in relation to the project, even during the construction stage. Therefore, it can be necessary to change the course of sub-construction or its height;
  • Depending on a screen height, extremely short assembly periods from 20 - 70 m per day (4 persons);
  • Drainage pipes can be conducted through a body of the Ecotec System with low effort and in a short period of time;
  • Optimum growth conditions for plants thanks to high volume of soil in the system, therefore, a screen does not heat up and remains cold also in summer. Plants do not perish due to their overheating. During dry periods, filling serves as a reservoir of humidity for rootlets. A coke mat is a perfect base for climbing of plants;
  • Vandalism is basically excluded, as nobody will cover plants with graffiti. Dirt on a mat are quickly covered with plants;
  • Our screens, are more and more beautiful with every passing year;
  • Almost 18 years of experience in planning, production and mounting of hundreds of projects in Europe. Constant works over further development of a product;
  • A garden package for 24 months, with exchange of plants, which have not grown, removing weeds;
  • It is not possible to get to the top of a screen without auxiliary measures - safe for children;
  • The highest approval of residents, as the Ecotec System, is not perceived as a technical construction, but as a part of a natural garden, as soon as it has been fully covered with plants;
  • A perfect relation of price/quality/effectiveness:
       Insulating power: 42 dB;
        Durability up to 80 years;
        Guarantee period up to 40 years for statics and steel construction;
        Practically unlimited guarantee of acoustic effectiveness, as a filling does not lose its volume and does not change its properties:
        Practically unattended, by extensive planting and without any need of removing dirt and graffiti;
        A dump of ground will not have to be transported, it can be used for filling screens as a rule. 1 m² of a screen requires about 1 m³ of soil for filling;

Ecotec System is also mounted with approval of Deutsche Bahn, RENFE/Spain and SNCF/France.