01 Why Ecotec?

Ecotec Polska is an independent solar PV mounting company, with a proven track record in delivering top-level projects for customers across all business sectors.

With our long experience and know-how in all aspects of PV technologies – from planning through logistics to installing – we offer a complete, hassle-free service. Whether you want to lower operational cost of energy, meet carbon reduction targets or protect against price increases and protect environment, we’ll design for you and deliver the best possible solution.

Give us a chance, and we will advise you on the most suitable system for your project at every stage.



We have been installing Solar PV systems across Europe and beyond for almost 10 years. The knowledge we have gained during that time, along with the strong relationships we have built with solar technology producers, suppliers and our partners, makes it no surprise that our business is experiencing a rapid and continuous growth thanks to a growing number of satisfied customers.



It’s not just our experience that distinguishes us – it’s the responsibility to our stakeholders that we are most proud of. We recognize our responsibility to do business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment for future generations. It involves every sphere of our operations and requires that we pursue to improve our policies and actions continually.



We are passionate about innovation, quality and customer service. Together with our clients, our people, and our partners we want to make a noticeable difference in providing the world with clean and renewable energy through widespread adaptation of solar power. We are here out of a genuine desire to transform the world – not just make a quick profit.

Clean solar energy

Clean solar energy

We offer a high-quality service and are committed to making solar energy work for you – from the no-obligation site survey through design to installation and beyond, we take care of it all. Give us an opportunity and we will guide you through the entire process up to the production of clean solar energy.



We understand the diverse and complex nature of PV solar installation projects. Whether it’s developing design solutions for rare roof structures, dealing with problematic engineering matters or helping you settle planning and logistics issues, we have the experience and skills your project needs.



We don’t just engineer and install the PV solar technology for the here and now. Solar energy plants we provide will power your property for twenty years or more without any output losses. To guarantee such economical work of the solar plants, it is necessary to maintain and to service the whole PV solar system. We offer this service separately.

02 What we do?

At Ecotec we are passionate about renewable energy and the state of our environment. We are convinced that renewable energy and energy efficiency have a huge role to play in helping the world reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and their impact on the environment.

As the sun is the incredible source of energy, our mission is to increase the adoption of solar power and allow otherwise useless surfaces to be used to harness the energy of the sun and convert it directly into electricity without any noise or carbon emissions.

Our commitment to making solar accessible is abiding and inexhaustible, and our firmly settled business is growing steadily. We feel that the world has some enormous challenges ahead of it - from climate change to the resource exhaustion, and the potential economic problems that will follow. With solar energy, solar farms and parks, people take the course to be independent of raw materials. The use of solar energy is reinforcing the independence of the scarcity of fossil materials and price increase. Therefore, as a company that is founded on environmental objectives we consider solar farms as an ecological and economical must.

So what exactly do we do?

So what exactly do we do?

Projects: We co-operate directly with our customers to plan, develop, design and install residential, commercial, industrial, public and utility-scale PV solar plants. Our experienced installing teams are at your disposal in ground erection, coordination and logistics as well as complete mounting.

Maintenance and service: Indispensable if you want a guaranteed profitability of a photovoltaic plant in the long run. We offer this service separately or in connection with the building of an entire plant. Everything from one hand: Planning - Installing - Repairing - Deconstruction - Disposal.

All of our clients take advantage of our experience in terms of engineering quality, the most modern PV technologies, the international logistics competency and the quality management.

We are passionate about: making, engineering, manufacturing, constructing, and maintaining construction-integrated solar solutions;

The difference: we develop and bring best value and added value through appreciating our customers’ needs and providing differentiation through innovative and effective products and services. As the global market for renewable energy grows, we invest in communities by bringing supply chain and employment opportunities.

To provide clean energy: we believe we can help to make a positive environmental changes by developing and providing high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity for commercial, public, domestic and utility-scale power generation customers.

Our leaders entirely uphold our vision. They express it at all times, passionately support it, and continually drive it to fulfillment.

8 years
of experience
1 milion
of man hours
1500 MWp
450 k houses
powered up
completed projects
problems solved
Ecotec Polska

ul. Okolska 3A lok. 6

02-509 Warsaw, Poland

Ecotec Deutschland

Blücherstr. 22,

10961 Berlin, Germany

Ecotec Japan

Hakozaki NSO Bldg.,

Nihonbashi-Hakozakicho 20-1

Tokyo 103-0015, Japan

Ecotec Australia

Ecotec Australia Pty Ltd

Level 11, 22 Market Street

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Christoph Lenze

Managing Director

more than 22 years` experience in construction and renewable energy

Peter Keler

Managing Director Renewable Energy

more than 15 years’ experience in solar markets, background in finance

Estera Olejniczak

Administrative Officer

more than 7 years of international business experience

Our business is built around three key values:

We listen and tell

We listen to our partners to get to know expectations and we tell what to do and how to achieve our common success. In this way, we are able to constantly learn and gain valuable experience, which results in an even better level of our services.

We encourage positive change

We exist to create opportunities for our clients' business to develop. We are also here to make a positive difference to the environment and society as a whole. We do this by providing exceptional solar services that meet the specific needs of customers, employees, partners and investors.

We enjoy working together to generate success

Since 2012 we are creating our track record of projects with our customers, colleagues, partners and investors together. Along with collecting megawatts, we gain more and more trust of our partners encouraging them to lay more projects in our hands. This is our mutual success.